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The government says it will allow Miguna Miguna to enter Kenya tomorrow

General Dr. Mifuna Miguna. Photo: Courtesy.

By Machuki Dennson

Controversial lawyer and self declared leader of National Resistance Movement NRM, Dr. Miguna Miguna has been cleared to enter Kenya tomorrow evening when he arrives.

The department of immigration in the ministry of interior and national coordination on Monday afternoon indicated that it will obey the court orders issued on 14th of December 2018.

Miguna is scheduled to land in Kenya on Tuesday evening at 9:25pm from Canada where he was deported to. The lawyer holds dual citizenship that of Canada and the controversial one of Kenya where he was born.

Miguna was deported to Canada in M arch 2018 after the government refused to aknowledge him as a Kenyan citizen despite court orders.

Miguna using his Twitter handle with a massive following has been mobilizing Kenyans to come out in large numbers to welcome him at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport JKIA.

In a court order issued on Monday, Miguna will be allowed to enter Kenya as a Kenyan citizen indicating that hid national identity card is enough to allow him settle in Kenya.

The National commission for human rights will present Miguna’s passport to the immigration department at the airport for identification purposes. In a tweet on Monday after the court ruling Miguna thanked his team of lawyers for fighting for his entry to Kenya “Thank you to Dr. John Khaminwa, Valentine Khaminwa and Jeremiah Otomwa and team of lawyers at Khaminwa and Khaminwa advocates. The pursuit of truth and justice is reserved for the fearless, righteous, and those with integrity. Viva” wrote Miguna Miguna.

On his arrival, Miguna says he is not expecting any special treatment but just wants his rights respected, be given his valid Kenyan passport back court orders respected by the government.

Even as Miguna comes, Kenyans will wait to see if he will lead a revolution which he has been advocating for while in Canada.

In some of his tweets Miguna has been asking Kenyans and more so youths largely to organize themselves and revolt against the government instead of agonizing. “Form your group, organize and mobilize if you are not part of the existing groups, or teams. Each one us has a duty to fight for freedom, liberty, equality, equity, democracy, rule of law and justice. Don’t spectate. Don’t agonize. ORGANIZE!” read one of Miguna’s tweets tweeted on 5th of January 2020.

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